FED up residents claim their corner of Yeadon is being sidelined by the city council.

They say residential roads in the Henshaw estate have been neglected for years - and they are calling for urgent action to stop it from getting any worse.

John Morris, of Henshaw Avenue, claims in the more than 20 years he has lived in the road, no resurfacing or repair work has taken place.

"The state of the road is just appalling and it has been for years.

"All the council ever does is come along and shovel some Tarmac into the holes. Some of the holes are four to six inches deep and they need proper filling."

Mr Morris added: "I've seen footpaths in other areas of Leeds that are better looked after than our roads, it's just farcical."

A disabled driver who lives in Henshaw Oval added he was thoroughly disgusted with the state of the roads on the whole estate.

The man, who wished not to be named, said: "People might think we are second class citizens who live on the estate, but we're not.

"We are people who have worked all our lives and we have paid our dues.

"Through no fault of my own I became disabled and I have a disabled car and if it is damaged because of the state of the roads, I shall send the repair bill to Leeds City Council.

"I think the disabled and the elderly around the estate deserve a little better treatment."

Councillor Graham Latty (Con, Aireborough) said areas of the estate did have its problems, but many residents were fighting to improve the area.

He said: "They are making efforts to improve the look of the estate and I think Leeds City Council should do its bit and help out.

"It is a council owned estate and it would reflect well with the tenants if some effort was made."

He added that he knew of one woman who had fallen into a pothole while crossing the road.

"All she was doing was crossing the road, she fell down a pothole, broke her toe and had to go to hospital."

Coun Latty has written to the director of highways asking if something can be done to repair Henshaw Avenue and Henshaw Oval.

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said: "The condition of every street across Leeds is assessed on a regular basis to find out whether repairs need to be carried out. Due to budget constraints, all work is prioritised according to greatest need. Henshaw Avenue is structurally safe and therefore, this road has not been given high priority."