BEAMSLEY'S Boyle and Petyt Primary School has received high marks during a recent Ofsted inspection.

The 57 pupil voluntary aided school was inspected on January 14 and 15 and was found to be "very effective with good aims and values".

According to the report, headteacher Peter Morley provides very effective leadership and there are excellent relationships between pupils and staff.

The teaching and learning is very good overall and although expenditure per pupil is well above the national average, the school provides good value for money for its size.

There was also seen to be a high level of support received from parents and pupils, overall, had extremely positive attitudes towards work, were well behaved, polite and highly motivated.

The inspectors found that all statutory requirements of the National Curriculum are met and there is a good range of extra-curricular activities. Children make good progress towards their individual targets.

Standards are high in the reception class and well above the national average in English, mathematics and science by the age of 11.

Since its last inspection on October 1997, the school has increased opportunities for pupils to develop their writing skills and for using ICT across the curriculum.

However, inspectors noted the accommodation for the junior class was unsatisfactory. It was added there was also no staff room or headteacher's office.

They also wanted to see more homework set for years five and six to prepare them adequately for secondary education.

These areas have been addressed by the school and it has celebrated recently with the opening of a new classroom through a £15,000 grant from Skipton Building Society and additional funding from the Government.

The school itself raised £5,000 and work began last April.

It has been eagerly awaited by both staff and pupils and will benefit future generations.

Commenting on the report, chairman of the governors Pamela Blackburn said: "All at the school aim to provide a caring, family environment in which every child has the confidence to succeed. Everyone at school is delighted with the report."