VANDALS have struck at a picturesque wooded ravine in the heart of Ilkley.

Spray painted symbols in bright mustard yellow and white have been daubed over seats, rocks and signs in Mill Ghyll, off Wells Promenade.

The graffiti, in an area where dog owners face a £1,000 fine if their pet fouls, includes a Superman style S shape and the letters NWA - most famously associated with the controversial US rap group.

Horrified Ilkley Parish Councillor Kathleen Brown, who lives in nearby Wells Walk, spotted the mess as she was passing through the area last week.

And she has hit out at the inconsiderate people who have made the mess.

She said: "I think it's disgusting, it's just not on. I use Mill Ghyll quite a lot and I was horrified to see this ghastly yellow paint everywhere.

"We've lived here for three years and, while other pieces of furniture around Ilkley have been targeted from time to time, this is the first time I've seen anything like this in Mill Ghyll."

The small wildlife haven is well-known as a regular night-time haunt for local youths.

Residents have become used to seeing groups come and go in the evenings, but Bernice Keeble, of Wells Walk, said the vandalism was something new.

"It is disgraceful," she said, "they are ruining it.

"We often see large groups of teenagers in there on a Saturday night, making a noise, but I've never seen any spray paint before."

Ilkley Parish Council has alerted Bradford's Graffiti Unit to the problem.

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: "We thank the Parish Council for bringing this matter to our attention and are making arrangements to have the graffiti removed as quickly as possiible."