Vandals have left part of Bradford's World Heritage Site resembling ''a scrapyard'', a Saltaire publican warned today.

And Stephen Ashworth, licensee of The Boathouse pub and restaurant, said he was furious that despite repeated requests for action a burned out car was still rusting in the water ten days after it was pushed into the River Aire at Roberts Park.

He fears the sight will ruin tourists' impression of the area, including Roberts Park, which has been designated a World Heritage Site.

He had reported the incident to both the Environment Agency and Bradford Council. He said: "It's a real eysore right opposite the restaurant, which normally has a lovely view out over the river.

"It just ruins the view and on Mother's Day when we were trying to create a nice pleasant family atmosphere diners were having to look out at the shell of a burnt out Citroen in the river.

"The tourist season's just about to take off and is this really the sort of impression we want visitors to go away with?

"We get visitors from all over the world and when they see this they're going to be wondering whether they've come to a World Heritate Site or a scrapyard.

"Tourism's the main thrust of the village now and that's where the future lies but failing to act immediately when something like this happens just undermines all the hard work everyone is doing here."

An Environment Agency spokesman said that officials had visited the scene and established there was no pollution or flood defence risk

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth, executive member for environment which covers heritage, cleansing and leisure services, said: "It shouldn't have been there for that long, though there may be some difficulties in getting it out. I'll be looking into the matter personally to try to get it moved as soon as possible.''.