FLOOD hit residents of Castley could well be looking a tan end to its flooding misery.

With planning permission for the £500,000 flood barrier at the back of their homes hopefully going through at the end of the month, just the go-ahead from the government remains for building work to start.

With joint funding from the Environment Agency and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, all that is needed is the rubber stamping from DEFRA.

If there was ever a better time for fast tracking, this must be it.

Many residents of Castley Lane still face months of upheaval as their homes dry out - the knowledge that work on the flood barrier will start on time in May will be the best news for them all year.

Back these residents

Residents of Henshaw Estate in Yeadon are trying hard to improve the look of their area.

They are keen to create a sense of community and are working hard to make their gardens and houses nice.

The council is anxious to encourage local groups to work for themselves and this is an ideal opportunity to show support - a bit of money poured into the estate might well persuade more residents to take pride in their surroundings

Switch on to council

It's a shame more people don't attend meetings of Otley Town Council.

Monday's meeting was pure entertainment and at the end of the meeting, after everyone had had a good go at each other, everyone left good humoured - so much better than an evening spent in front of the box.