SIR - After seeing the posters around Bradford advertising the 2002-03 orchestral concert season, I decided to pick up a programme. Sadly, I have to say how disappointed I am with the contents.

Out of the nine main concerts, there is not one single piece by a living composer and one piece only dating from after the Second World War. Also, there are no pieces by women, and none by composers from beyond Europe. Apparently, in order to compose orchestral music you must be male, European and dead!

In fact, orchestral composition has been developed in many ways in recent decades, by men and women from all over the world. In many other cities around the country, orchestral concerts include pieces by such composers.

The impression given is that Bradford is a city whose orchestral audiences do not want to hear anything new, do not want to listen to other viewpoints.

"Culture" is not just about art, but if Bradford is serious about its Capital of Culture bid, it must become more adventurous artistically - and genuinely "prepare to be amazed"!

Adrian Tolley, Fern Terrace, Riddlesden

SIR - I wish I could honestly "do my bit" for Bradford's Culture bid, but to do that I would need to look back 70-80 years when it was really a city to be proud of.

It was the centre of the woollen industry. The city was full of fine old stone buildings, not an empty shop to be found. It was one of the best places to visit, classy shops, wonderful market, theatres, cinemas.

We had beautiful well-kept parks, bands playing in summer, boating on the lakes in several of them.

There were several first-class grammar schools and crime was rare.

I know I would not recognise Bradford now and must admit I never want to see it again as I prefer to retain the wonderful memories of when it really deserved the title Capital of Culture.

M Cook, Hall Bank Drive, Bingley.

SIR - Bradford Council aren't doing themselves any favours in their Capital of Culture bid by treating their World Champion Rugby League side so badly. They cheer and call them heroes when they return with trophies and now it seems they are forgotten.

If Bradford are so keen to hold the Special Olympics here, they will need a good stadium with great access via motorway systems etc. Odsal would be perfect and would solve all problems.

The City of Bradford Community Stadium sounds great to me and many others. So please, Bradford Council, do something that will do justice to the Capital of Culture bid and take action now to stop the rot or lose this bid altogether.

Mrs G Johnson, Owlet Road, Shipley.

SIR - Congratulations to Karl Dallas who at the age of 71 has the concern and courage to see for himself the travesty of justice being perpetrated in the Middle East (T&A, July 16). Also congratulations to the T&A for publishing the report.

I wish Mr Dallas the best of luck and hopefully the utmost support from the Council and members of Parliament in his endeavours to bring the plight of Palestinians into the hearts and minds of the Bradford and district population.

It is time that our Members of Parliament served notice on the unholy Trinity of Sharon, Bush and Blair that Britain at least is no longer prepared to sacrifice the lives of our youth and our economy to serve the expansionist aspirations of the illegal state of Israel.

I have no reservations in claiming that the pending war against Iraq is yet another sinful war on behalf of the Zionist controllers of the state of Israel and of Britain and America.

Dennis Edmondson, Duck Hill, Pecket Well, Hebden Bridge.

SIR - I am involved in some Oral History research for Open University work regarding compulsory military service between the later years of the Second World War and the 1950s (embracing both war service and National service personnel).

In particular, I would like to contact men in those categories from this part of West Yorkshire where two members of the same family were involved, one with war experience and the other post-war.

The work is concentrating on the personal emotions, frustrations and fears (or elations) felt by those individuals during their time in uniform. It is envisaged that it might involve about 1 hours of interviewing.

If any of your readers feel they can help with this research, would they please contact me on 01422 201640 or at the address below.

David Nortcliffe, 3 Cobden Terrace, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8JH.