Bobby Vanzie was heavily critical of his own performance after an unconvincing points win over Russian Andrei Devyataykin.

Bradford's British lightweight champion had hoped to reel off a world-class display as he warmed up for his WBO eliminator against Aldo Rios.

Instead he struggled to take the initiative in a struggle between two counter-punchers, edging it 77-76.

Vanzie said: "It was a clash of styles and we were both waiting for the other to lead off. I thought he would come forward but he was just happy to survive."

Vanzie was buried down the York Hall undercard on Saturday and admitted: "I'm not at my best when it's low key like that. Whether it's an ego thing or not, but I need the big occasion and an opponent I respect to bring out the best in me.

"I love topping bills and this one, like Viktor Bara-nov in June, was a culture shock. But it's another win on the record and a glorified eight-round sparring session for the Rios fight."