Gary Moorby today admitted: I don't want a week off.

The Cougars have to sit out this weekend as the Arriva Trains Cup knock-out stages continue, but their coach would rather they were still playing.

"To be honest we don't really want a break," said Moorby, whose side proudly sit atop the National League Division Two table after four wins from four.

"We are on a bit of a roll at the moment and we don't want to lose any of the momentum we have built up over the last month.

"Normally coaches want to rest their players but it is the opposite situation at the moment and we just want to keep playing and, hopefully, keep winning."

The obligatory week off for the Challenge Cup final in April was a welcome break for the Cougars who were able to rest some tired bodies ahead of the, so far, fruitful league campaign.

But there are no real knocks to worry about this time around, so Moorby would rather just play.

"Matt Foster has a little problem with his ribs while Jason Ramshaw has got some concerns about his shoulder but nothing that would have kept them out of the side," continued Moorby.

"We still trained three times this week and will be training three times next week before our long trip to Workington but I am going to give them the weekend off, they deserve it.

"And it will be tough in our next game, you never get any favours going up to Cumbria."

There is very little troubling Moorby at the moment with his fully fit squad already conquering Hunslet, Chorley, London and York this season to find themselves the surprise leaders of the division.

But if there was a complaint to be made, however, it would be the size of the crowd at Cougar Park.

"What do you need to do to get people to come down?" asked Moorby after less than 1,100 turned up for the victory over the much-fancied Knights at the weekend.

"It was unfortunate on Sunday because I don't think they brought anyone along and I don't think the threat of rain helped.

"You will always get the fair-weather merchants who decide at the last minute if they are going to come down and they obviously didn't make it.

"We are top of the league, we are winning games, you would like to think we could get more people from this rugby league town to come down. I'd like to see crowds of 1,500, maybe 2,000, coming down.

"We are not going to bring back Cougarmania but we are doing well and I'd like to think the town would want come out and see us."