Yorkshire Forward is to be congratulated on its initiative in intervening to buy the site of the former Odeon cinema at the last minute, just before it was due to be auctioned in London.

It is extremely important that key sites within the city centre should be protected so that Bradford can develop a master plan which allows appropriate high-quality development.

Without due control over such key sites the whole process could be knocked off course by developers whose interests are not necessarily in tune with the city's overall need for regeneration and redevelopment which will benefit the whole community.

A case in point is the former Provincial House site opposite City Hall. Planning permission has been granted for a development of bars and eateries which clearly won't do justice to that prestigious location facing a main civic building which has long been acclaimed for its architectural splendour. Unfortunately it seems set to leave the city with a relatively unattractive development which, like the 1960s monstrosities in Broadway and Petergate, will be crying out to be knocked down again in 30 years' time.

Bradford deserves better and it needs more initiatives like this one from Yorkshire Forward to ensure that it gets it. Is it too late for the organisation to intervene over the Provincial House site?

Hopefully as Bradford's regeneration goes ahead there will be more detailed consultation with organisations like Bradford Council and the Urban Regeneration Company before projects get the go-ahead. But in the case of the Odeon, well done Yorkshire Forward. Let's hope for more interventions of this kind in the future.