A 17-year-old student at Oakbank School won a competition to design a new logo for the Aire Wharfe Community Housing Trust.

Ingram Blakelock won a school competition to design the logo for the new housing trust, with an eye catching design featuring an oak tree. He said: "I had had a few ideas but this just started out as a tiny idea, just to use a tree.

"The oak tree represents England, strength and quality. I worked very hard on the design and revised it quite a number of times.

"I'm very pleased with the final design and it's great that they wanted me to keep my name in the design -- not many designers have that opportunity.

"I am hoping to continue studying in design and am really pleased to have won."

Val Barker, from the Aire Wharfe Community Housing Trust, approached Oakbank in January about the competition.

She said: "I thought it would benefit us and that the students would get something out of it too.

"The finished design is really impressive and we are really pleased. Ingram was presented with £50 worth of gift vouchers and a plaque for his prize.