Students who could not settle in formal school lessons have proved themselves a roaring success at a top international classic motorcycle show.

The teenage lads on Keighley College's Transition to Training and Attendance Initiative programmes have won the best junior entrant class at the 23rd International Classic Motorcycle show in Stafford.

Their pride and joy is a 1972 Jawa Californian 350cc twin, which they have restored to showroom condition.

The 12 month long project has been under the guidance of Jawa fanatic and tutor Roger Henderson, of Eldwick.

"Most of the boys don't get on well in school so they are here to learn practical skills, and they have done tremendously well," he said.

"It is the first time we have entered a show like this and I was astounded to win.

"We would have been happy to get highly commended, but this result is tremendous and the lads can feel proud."

The Czech Republic-made bike was bought for just £200 and is now worth about £2,000.

It was stripped down to the bare frame, the engine and suspension unit were reconditioned - the boys had to make special tools for the task -the wheels were rebuilt and it was repainted.

Sixteen-year-old Michael Howley of Keighley, who now hopes to become a mechanic, said: "There was some hard work and it was great taking it to bits but a lot harder putting it back together again."

"It was enjoyable and the bike looks brilliant now," said 16 year-old Craig Kelly, also of Keighley.

And Johnny Rhodes, 15, of Skipton, literally wore his fingers down to the bone.

"I did so much rubbing down that my fingers bled," he said.

Now the class is on the look out for another project in time for next year's show. The boys were awarded a certificate and a special silver plate. Derek Whitehead, head of the faculty of technology, said the students had shown that they could be committed and excel at a subject.

"They have shown they have good ability levels and we wish them well in the future," he said.