Councillors have hailed Tuesday's early morning raid by police to rid Lawkholme of its drug culture as a huge success.

And they have applauded the role of the local community in helping the police to weed out the troublemakers.

The action has been praised by Councillor Andrew Mallinson, whose Bradford Council ward includes Lawkholme.

He said it showed that people in the community now had the confidence to come forward and report drugs activities.

He told us: "This is an initiative that has been led by the community giving information and police using their intelligence network to get to grips with the drugs problem.

"We are seeing now that people are feeling reassured and are willing to come forward with information.

"The removal of firearms from the streets as a result of this week's initiative is a major coup for the whole of Keighley."

Cllr David Emmott highlighted the success of the Dob in a Dealer campaign, which was swamped with calls from concerned residents, bringing about this raid.

He said: "Not only does this action show that Dob in a Dealer works, but more that a community sick of the death and misery caused by drugs dealers -- who previously thought they had a safe haven within that community -- has gained an unprecedented confidence in the police and the Crack Down campaign.

"The police have in turn demonstrated that they can protect and support ethnic minority communities against these thugs and act to clear the streets of this scum.

"This a very good day for all the people in Lawkholme, Keighley and the wider community.

"This action was brought about by an overwhelming response from the decent and so often unheard sections of the Lawkholme communities, who are sending a clear message and saying they are sick and tired of this interference in their lives and the damage done to them, their children and the reputation of the Asian community."

Cllr Emmott added he hoped the raid would help Keighley to move forward and drug dealers could be removed from the equation.

"There is still a lot of work to do and barriers to be put in place to stop others coming along and filling the gaps," he said.

"But that is the challenge that has been identified many times and is the main focus of the many community groups operating in the area.

"It's taken a long time to build up the confidence of the community to this level, and a lot of work by many people, but those who wish to give Lawkholme a bad name, those who wish to cause misery had better be warned - this is just the start of it.

"My message to the dealers is don't do it."

Cllr Kris Hopkins, executive member for the community, said: "I am delighted at the success of the police anti-drugs operation this week in Lawkholme.

"The Council is committed to working in partnership with the police and local agencies through initiatives such as the drug and alcohol action team to stamp out drug dealing in this district.

"It is encouraging that local people are coming forward with vital information to help tackle this serious issue.

"We are also working actively with partners and the local community to raise awareness of the problems drug abuse can cause."

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