AN exhibition to present plans for improvements to the A629 was well attended by residents of Cononley, Kildwick and Farnhill.

But the £4.7 million scheme has received mixed views, with some residents saying it will only increase problems on the busy road which links Snaygill and the Kildwick roundabouts.

A new road would be built which would smooth out the bad bends between the Rafters and Craven Forge and would run to the west of the existing A629. The scheme also includes staggered T-junctions for links to Kildwick and Cononley.

Members of the public were given the opportunity to comment on the scheme and leaflets explaining the proposal have also been delivered to local households.

The Herald's Cononley correspondent Alan Parker experienced first hand the problems of the Cononley Lane Ends junction when he was involved in a collision there yesterday morning (Thursday).

Mr Parker was emerging from Cononley when he was in collision with a car travelling towards Skipton. No-one was injured in the crash.

"The junction definitely needs something doing with it," Mr Parker said. "It's just not safe. There is a lack of visibility when you are turning towards Keighley.

"And the visibility of the junction when you come round the corner on the A629 isn't very clear either.

"I use that junction regularly and I would say the best option would be to install a roundabout, or traffic lights on that road to slow the traffic down.

"Even with the new road layout you are still running the gauntlet of traffic travelling fast up and down that road.

"People are frightened to come out of Cononley Lane Ends. People prefer to go through Cross Hills which is just increasing traffic down that road."

Denis Colman, the chairman of Cononley Parish Council, concurred with Mr Parker's view.

"I thought the scheme just wasn't good enough. They are doing it on the cheap. They have not taken into account how pedestrians are going to cross the road at the top of the junction.

"The speed of the traffic on the main road is going to be increased, and it is going to be an even more dangerous crossing than it ever was. I would like to see a dual carriageway, possibly with a roundabout and an underpass for pedestrians.

"We appreciate they are trying to improve the situation but a lot more consideration has to be given to the traffic flow at the junction."

Gary McKinney, chairman of Farnhill Parish Council, said the proposal had not yet been discussed within the village.

But he said the parish council placed importance on the status of Farnhill and Kildwick as a conservation area, and it appreciated the emphasis the consultation document placed on protecting this.

The chairman of Kildwick Parish Meeting, Keith Midgley was unavailable for comment.