Summer Holiday

Suzanne Shaw has had plenty of time for a holiday since the split of band Hear'Say.

So she's decided to forge a stage career with a starring role in this sunny revival of the 1960s Cliff Richard movie.

Her strong voice and lively personality is as vital as her tiny stature for the part of runaway pop starlet Bobby.

She pretends to be a boy and stows away on a London bus being driven through Europe by four holiday-making teenagers.

She befriends the guys, and the girl group they are taking to Athens, all the while outwitting her pursuing mother and agent, while all four couples fall in love.

This bubbly and likeable show is all about the songs and the Cliff classics are all there -- Bachelor Boy, The Young Ones, along with other singers' 60s hits.

There's infectious dancing too but actor Stefan Booth isn't charismatic enough for the lead. However, he has terrific support in what is really an ensemble show.

If you liked Grease you'll like this: if you've ever hummed "we're all going on a summer holiday...." you'll probably love it.

l Leeds Grand, tonight 7.30pm, tomorrow 2.30pm, 7.30pm. Book at Keighley Information Centre or phone 0113 222-6222.

David Knights

An Inspector Calls

This is a must-not-miss, cracking performance of a timeless play.

When an inspector calls on the middle-class Birling family in the middle of dinner and accuses them of playing a part in the death of a young girl he forces them all to face their prejudices.

Shock revelations follow as the story unravels, the plot thickens and the audience grows more intrigued.

This production of JB Priestley's classic is a delight and the stage is set to grim perfection. One by one the family is picked off by Inspector Goole - played with dynamism by Nicholas Day- as he forces them to tell the truth.

As the mystery of the young girl's death unfolds, the characters slowly realise the part they played. Priestley's delicate tightrope between the moral and high drama is expertly negotiated by the entire cast.

For those who like a tale with a twist and then another, this is one not to be missed

Bradford Alhambra, tonight, tomorrow. Phone 01274 432000.

Kate Pallister