These scholars and teachers from the Primary Department of Lund Park Methodist Sunday School, Keighley, together with their splendid banner, were photographed about 1920.

They are probably about to start on their annual Whitsuntide walk around the district, to be followed by tea and games.

Whit walks formed a local tradition for generations. "Resolved 1st.," runs a Sunday School Committee minute-book at Hall Green Baptists, Haworth, in 1827, "that the children have each a Cake & Beer given to them, same as last year on Monday afternoon next. 2nd.

"That they meet in the School Room half past 1 o'clock P.M. & that Mr Saunders be requested to give an address, & afterwards they walk in the best order which can be arranged from the Chapel past Bridge-House, on the new Lees Road & return by Mill Hey to School, where they are to have Cake & Beer given them."

By 1836, abstemious readers may be reassured to learn, Mr Saunders was offering "to prepare Lemon ale for drink for the children"!

At Marsh Wesleyan Sunday School in 1894, the children were allocated 260 cakes, 120 oranges, 28 lbs of nuts and 28 lbs of "spice". Three years later they got no nuts but "a better class of spice".

The photograph was supplied by Mrs Sylvia Clues, of Cringles Park, Silsden.