An obsessed spinster who was jailed for harassing a Bradford priest with love letters and gifts has been granted leave to appeal against her sentence.

Bernadette Quinn, 43, was jailed for two years in January for breaching a restraining order which prevented her harassing 36-year-old Father Jonathan Hart, who works at St Peter's Church in Laisterdyke.

The Court heard how Quinn, of Dodge Holme Court, Mixenden, Halifax, had made Father Hart's life a "total misery" over a long period by bombarding him with letters, silent telephone calls and gifts including flowers, a jumper and a knitted bobble hat.

Following the sentencing by Judge Geoffrey Kamil at Bradford Crown Court, there was much public sympathy for Quinn, a former cleaner, who suffered a personality disorder known as erotomania, which meant she mistakenly believed a man was in love with her.

Quinn's solicitor Chris Haddock said the hearing had been formally listed at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Monday in the Lord Chief Justice's Court. She will be represented by Gordon Lakin and Mr Haddock will also attend.

"We lodged the appeal and it got past the first judge at the court of appeal who indicated that he felt the sentence was excessive and ordered it to be listed," said Mr Haddock.

"We are not quite sure if Miss Quinn will attend the hearing. She has been traumatised by this far more than people realise. The appeal has been lodged on the grounds that the sentence was excessive and we are seeking to reduce it.

"If she had ever hurt him or threatened to hurt him or had been coming round banging on his door then I could understand the sentencing, but it was out of love. If the appeal succeeds, we hope this will release her. She has already served nine months in custody at New Hall women's prison ."