The wife of missing Bradford pensioner Peter Butterfield today urged him: "Please come home for the sake of your grandchildren."

Betty Butterfield, 64, pictured, said her whole family was frantic with worry - but the worst affected were his four grandchildren aged one to eight.

"They keep asking where he is and it is so difficult to know what to say," said Mrs Butterfield.

"They are worrying about me too because I am on my own. We just want him home and safe with us again."

Mounted police and officers with dogs have joined the search for the 72-year-old who vanished from his home in Cullingworth last Saturday.

He has gone missing twice before and both times was found to have been living rough in the countryside.

He was last seen wearing a green wax jacket, beige trousers, two cardigans - one dark and one grey - dark shoes and a silver wristwatch.

Mrs Butterfield believed the thought of seeing a psychiatrist on Wednesday could have made him walk out while she was shopping. He had vanished when she returned at about noon.

The family has searched the home and do not think he has taken anything with him.

Mr Butterfield has suffered from depression for about 12 years and went missing on two previous occasions, five and ten years ago.

He is on medication for depression and high blood pressure but has not taken it with him.

"The last times he was younger and had his health," said Mrs Butterfield.

"And that makes it all the more worrying this time.

"He has high blood pressure. The doctors have said it is dangerously high and I am worried about that too.

"At the moment I can't sleep, I am just sitting here hoping he will be found.

"I would say to him that if you read this, please come home, Peter."

Mrs Butterfield said she believes he might be in the Baildon area as that is where he was born and brought up and the family has leafleted the area.

His sons Trevor, 33, of Cullingworth and Nicholas, 34, a plumber, of Thornton, Bradford, have joined the search.

Trevor, an electrician, was out in the Baildon area at 4am today.

He said: "It is a guessing game but we have to carry on. Before he has ended up in the area he was brought up in so that is where we are looking. You have to go with your gut feeling.

"But it is a needle in a haystack.

"He could have got on a bus. He could be anywhere but he is poorly and that makes it all the more worrying."

Detective Chief Inspector Trevor Gasson, of Keighley Police, said: "We're getting really concerned for Mr Butterfield's welfare now but we're hopeful he's still in the area somewhere.

"He's known to frequent the Harry Ramsden's restaurant in Guiseley and so we'd appeal to anyone that lives in the area who recognises him to contact us straight away."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Keighley Police on (01535) 617059.