AFTER four wins from four games I can tell you that the world looks a much brighter place on Monday mornings when you are on a winning streak.

An after-match 'bevy' - or two - is a tradition in rugby League, but when you are constantly drowning your sorrows (and at times the life jackets were out last season) Monday mornings are certainly not loser friendly.

Admittedly a few 'sherbets' are fairly usually enjoyed (in moderation you understand) after a victory, but somehow the effect seems to be lessened if you manage to win -- let's hope we can keep it up.

I AM sure that many readers will be aware of the sad news that local amateur rugby league legend Eddie Wilkinson is suffering from motor neurone syndrome.

'Big Eddy' as he is affectionately known, was an outstanding amateur player with Keighley Albion and played against the touring New Zealand Maoris in a representative game at Thrum Hall in the early 80's.

I attended a benefit concert held on his behalf at the New Variety Club last Friday evening and the huge turn out was testimony to the enormous amount of respect and affection that people hold for the big guy.

He was a gentle giant off the field, but certainly not to be tangled with on it. I'm glad to say I was lucky enough never to have played against him!

I know everyone will join me in wishing Eddie all the best.

MY BIGGEST disappointment last Sunday was the size of the crowd - just over 1,000.

Although we had the biggest gate in our division and York didn't bring many fans, I honestly thought we would be pushing towards 1,500 for the game.

Our hardcore of supporters are fantastic, at away games we often put the home side to shame, but we cannot continue moving forward without more people coming through the turnstiles.

The club is poised to move forward without debts, with a youth policy, and with a first team heading in the right direction. Please get behind us and give yourself something to cheer about.