The decent, law abiding members of the Lawkholme community have come out of the shadows to prove that they are sick and tired of the death and misery caused by drug dealers.

They passed the remarkable milestone in the war on drugs, having reached the point of trust and confidence in the authorities - brought about through patience and a lot of hard work.

Anyone in doubt about the community's determination need only to look at the results of this week's police raids in the area - not only in terms of arrests but through the number of guns and amount of drugs recovered.

So what brought about the change? The Dob in a Dealer campaign, the Anti-Crime Partnership, the specialist police drugs officers, the POP team, the Police Ethnic Minority Liason Officers, the recent Lawkholme initiative to name but a few, have all played a pivotal part in bringing about the overwhelming response.

The biggest factor, however, must be the courage of those members of the community who have taken on the responsibility of turning the area round and making Lawkholme a nicer place to live.

As part of that action plan they recognised the need to clear the streets of drug dealers.

This week they have sent out a very clear message that they have had enough of this interference in their lives, the damage done to them and their children, and the reputation of the Asian community. In return the police have demonstrated they can support and protect communities against the gangs.

There is still much work to be done because the fight aginst drugs will not be won overnight. There will always be those who will try and step in to fill the gaps, those more than willing to cash in on human misery.

The best thing those who live outside Lawkholme can do is signify their support and make it clear they will stand alongside them and join in their bid to rid the streets of this evil. Dob in a Dealer.

As one observer remarked, this was a very good day for the people of Lawkhomle, Keighley and the wider community.

It was indeed, and there are many more such days to come. The tide is slowly but surely turning.

Thankyou Lawholme. We are right behind you.