A Northern Irish sculptor has transformed Penistone Hill , above Haworth, into an open-air bookcase.

Martin Heron, with a team from Bradford Council's country rights of way, yesterday placed ten stone carvings into land at the Haworth Moor country park.

The site for the sculpture, which is called Literary Landscape, was chosen because of the area's literary connections.

Martin, of County Tyrone, said: "I devised the idea so that it was evocative of a well-written landscape. But it is not just about the Bronts -- that is why the books do not have any titles. It is just really an evocative area and an evocative landscape."

The books, which together weigh more than a tonne, have been placed at two different points where trails cross on the moor, half-way between Dimples Lane and the Bront Waterfall.

The 38-year-old public artist, who has lived in the Bradford area for more than ten years, added: "Being near the quarry, I thought would be a nice specific area because of both that site and the writing in the area. The idea is also about archaeology in the area -- people will wonder whether these stones have been exposed or dropped in there. You can look at it either way."

The project, which has lasted a year and a half, has been funded by Yorkshire Arts and Yorkshire Forward.

Martin, who hoped more features might be added in the future, added: "It would be quite interesting to see what people's responses are over time and whether they become part of the folklore of the area."