Wayne Jacobs takes City into a relegation battle at Stoke tomorrow, admitting: I'm living the dream.

Bryan Robson, favourite to take over the helm next week, could be in the crowd at the Britannia Stadium to check on his new club.

But Jacobs will be in charge from the dug-out.

And the club's longest-serving player revealed he was relishing the role of caretaker.

Jacobs said: "I've loved every minute of it and it would be no good me saying otherwise.

"I live in and around Bradford and I've got great friends who would give everything to play for the club let alone be caretaker manager for four or five days. It is a huge privilege to be doing it.

"It has given me a real insight into what coaching entails and has certainly whetted my appetite. It's something I've always thought about looking into.

"You are thinking on your feet and it makes you realise how much is done for you as a player.

"It's hard work and sometimes frustrating but I've also found it exhilarating and very exciting. It has been a dream.

"Then again we haven't played a game yet and after tomorrow I might have a different view. But I'm sure it won't put me off."

Jacobs has leaned on contacts to help him prepare for the game against Stoke, who are three points and two places above City just outside the bottom three.

England under-20 coach Martin Hunter took a training session on Tuesday and Jacobs has borrowed videos from recent Stoke matches.

He said: "The normal thing would have been to have them watched but we've had none of that. I've had to scour here and there for videos.

"But the boys have been excellent and focused and receptive to what we do and say. We are living day to day and fully preparing for Stoke. The other bit is out of our hands and we've just concentrated all week on preparing the best we can for the game.

"I've not let the speculation distract me and I've tried to update the lads every morning with what's happening. If you don't do that, the whispers carry on through training.

"I'm sure the lads have all got opinions on Bryan Robson and whoever else the club are interviewing. But we've kept that away from our focus on the match and the mood in the dressing room has been excellent."