Considerable improve-ment has been made at Oxenhope Primary School according to a new Ofsted inspection report.

The glowing report said it was a good school, which provided good value for money.

It also said the school "no longer has serious weaknesses in any part of its provision."

The previous inspection, in 2001, said despite the school providing a satisfactory standard of education, there were serious weaknesses in its work. Items highlighted for improvement then included the management of the school, the monitoring of teaching and learning and the quality of teaching.

Head teacher Mike Wragg was delighted with the report.

"Things have improved so much, we no longer have any key issues to deal with and the report re-affirms that we are a good school.

"There is a caring atmosphere in the school and the pupils can be relied on to look after each other," he said.

"I am proud of what has been achieved." He also praised the dedication of staff at the school in helping to make the improvements.

Mr Wragg added that a number of programmes since the previous inspection included an increased amount of after-school activities for children and more staff training.

The inspection, which was carried out in November, 2003, said standards were above average in reading, mathematics and science. By the end of year six they were also above average in writing because teaching was good.

It also praised the strong commitment to include all pupils, especially other ethnic backgrounds.

It added that pupils had a good attitude to learning because lessons were challenging and fun and they had a good spiritual and moral awareness for their age.

Chairman of governors Mike Hopkinson said: "We have set up a community group from within the governing body so we can better interact with parents and seek their views on the school."