RESIDENTS in Barnoldswick are calling for urgent action over an unmade road saying it is an accident waiting to happen.

Householders on Cavendish Street claim the unsurfaced road is hazardous for both cars and pedestrians.

But Lancashire County Council says it is unable to take action until the street becomes an adopted highway.

Residents moved into the new estate just before Christmas, but the road leading to their homes has still not been surfaced.

Now they say it has become dangerous for cars, causing vehicles to skid, and that one resident has sprained her neck after slipping on the road.

Residents David Chew and Craig Dunn said it was only a matter of time before someone got seriously hurt.

Mr Chew told the Herald: "It doesn't matter what the weather is like, it can be completely dry and the car will still skid. It did it the other day when the children were in the car."

Mr Dunn added: "I was driving down the road only last week when I skidded over to the other side and hit the curb.

"If someone had been coming the other way we would have been hit - it could have been children or anything."

Mr Chew said they constantly heard other cars skidding outside their home.

But the road is not the only issue residents on Cavendish Street are battling with - they are still waiting for street lighting.

Mr Dunn and Mr Chew have now called on their local councillor, Valerie Langtree, for help.

She said: "David and Craig came to me and I said I would try and do my best for them to get the ball rolling.

"The road really does need doing. They are ratepayers and they should not be having this problem. If I can help in any way I will, but I do know the issue needs to be taken higher."

A spokesman for the county council said the responsibility of the road currently rested with the developer, as it was an unadopted highway.

However, because of a legal agreement, the council is in the process of calling in a bond so that it can take over the road.

Steve Conti, of the highways department at Lancashire County Council, said: "As soon as the road becomes an adopted highway then we will be able to maintain it."

Developer J Birtwhistle and Sons declined to comment on the issue when contacted by the Herald this week.