VERDICTS of accidental death have been recorded on a police sergeant and his daughter.

David Thomas McHugh, 43, of Heckmondwike, and his daughter Laura, 15, of Haworth, died after falling from a Honda motorcycle on the A65 near Austwick on June 28.

Both had been wearing helmets and appropriate clothing and boots.

A Skipton inquest heard that Mr McHugh was driving along the A65 towards Settle with his daughter as pillion passenger.

Coroner Geoff Fell concluded that a problem must have occurred on the carriageway which caused Mr McHugh to break suddenly and lose control.

Stanley Thomas, who was driving a white Iveco van on the opposite side of the road, said the motorcycle began to slide towards the nearside of his van.

Mr Thomas applied his brakes quickly and tried to turn his van to the right to avoid the motorcycle.

"It was just hitting the tarmac as it crossed the centre line," he said.

Traffic Constable Paul Davenport estimated the white van was close to stationary or stationary when the motorcycle collided with its front bumper.

He added: "The marks found on the road were consistent with a rear wheel skid. The marks indicate that the motorcycle was losing control and fell quickly which tends to be the case."

He said the motorcycle was in fourth gear which was appropriate for that stretch of road. Mr Davenport estimated it had been travelling at around 63mph and possibly slower.

That was confirmed by another witness, motorcyclist Wayne Goodwin, who had been overtaken by Mr McHugh. In his statement, he estimated the other man's speed was probably between 55mph and 60mph.

"David was not observed driving at any excessive speed," said Mr Fell.

The inquest heard that the weather conditions were dry and sunny and Mr McHugh was an experienced motorcyclist, who had held a licence since the age of 18.