ANOTHER North Craven pub is under threat after a planning application was submitted to turn the Flying Horseshoe at Clapham Station into eight apartments.

In recent years the Goat Gap on Newby Moor, the Cross Streets at Austwick and the Bridge at Ingleton have all closed down.

The Flying Horseshoe closed suddenly in the autumn, but locals believed it was just for the winter.

Now Craven District Council has received a planning application for the site.

Local residents are angry about the move, however, and a number attended Clapham Parish Council on Tuesday to object.

Parish councillor Colin Price told the Herald: "Most people seem to be against it. We don't want to lose another facility."

Residents were worried about the effect on tourism as dwindling pub numbers meant less choice.

They also questioned how many dwellings would have to be created at Clapham Station before it became a new village.

Clerk Paul Pearce also pointed out it was an employment site.

Coun David Ireton advised the council to word its comments according to planning considerations. Before any change of use would be allowed, the applicants would have to demonstrate that they had advertised the business at a reasonable price for a reasonable amount of time, he added.

Andrew Seeger, architect for the scheme, said: "It is an application and listed building application for the conversion of the building into residential. It is purely to look at the options of conversion to residential accommodation."