CHILDREN constantly have to avoid dog dirt when playing at Skipton's Ginnel Park playground.

The playground was opened in December with new play equipment and has become a big hit with local children.

Some youngsters were even spotted playing on the slide on Christmas Day!

However members of the local Middletown Community Association say that the area has become plagued by dog dirt.

Twice a week committee members go and clean up the playground to keep it clear of rubbish and dog dirt.

Committee secretary Caroline Martin said: "It is an ongoing problem which we have reported before."

She explained that the situation meant that children had to dodge the dirt when playing football.

"We are very pleased with the success of the playground. But please, please help us to clean up the area," she pleaded.

The committee is urging anyone who witnesses dog fouling in the park to call Craven District Council's dog warden service on 01756 706314.

And it wants to remind dog owners that it is an offence not to clear up after their pets and dog dirt is dangerous for children who may come into contact with it.

There are ongoing plans to improve the playground.

Mrs Martin said that it would be a shame to spend thousands of pounds on new equipment for it to be spoilt by a few dog owners.