TWO sisters living in warden controlled accommodation pay different rates for their television licences - because of a quirk in the criteria.

Doreen Larsen, 71, who lives in Princes Drive, Skipton, is not eligible for a discounted rate for her television licence because her warden does not live on site.

However her sister, Avril Shaw, 68, who lives in Neville Crescent, Gargrave, only pays £5 for her licence instead of the full £116 fee her sister pays.

This is because Mrs Shaw's warden lives on site entitling residents to the Accommodation for Residential Care concession.

In order to qualify, four conditions need to be met including having a person whose function is to care for the needs of the residents and who either lives on site or works there for at least 30 hours a week.

Mrs Larsen said: "I just can't get my head around it. I can't see what difference a warden makes to your TV."

A TV Licensing spokesperson said: "All regulations surrounding the concession for sheltered housing are set down by Parliament and TV Licensing is bound by these rules."