JANET Tempest, of Broughton Hall, who was seriously injured after falling from a camel on an African safari, has been flown home by air ambulance.

Mrs Tempest, 73, who has been unconscious for 15 days, arrived at Leeds-Bradford Airport from Nairobi yesterday (Thursday).

She was accompanied by a Kenyan doctor and two nurses and was connected to a life support machine.

Mrs Tempest, who suffered multiple injuries, is being treated at Leeds General Infirmary.

She is believed to be on a high dependency unit, but a hospital spokesman said they were unable to give her condition as she was still being treated.

In Nairobi, her condition was described as critical but stable.

Her husband, Henry, and 30-year-old son Piers, who were on holiday with her, flew home on a scheduled flight into Heathrow and drove up to Leeds to be with her.

Daughters, Bridget, 46 and Annie, 44, and Mary, 42 are planning to be at her bedside.

Her son Roger, 40, who runs the 3,000 acre estate, has given his mother blood as she was found to be anaemic

Wendy Bateson, Broughton Estate press officer, said: "Mrs Tempest is home and everybody is relieved that she is in the UK even though she had fantastic treatment in Nairobi"

She said the staff were distressed and anxious about Mrs Tempest's condition.

The doctor and nurses and the pilot of the air ambulance spent last night (Thursday) at Broughton. They are due to fly back today.