Decision-making in Baildon could be transferred to local people if a plan to introduce a town council gets the go-ahead.

The proposal to introduce "home rule" to the village could see responsibility for footpaths, street lighting, playing fields and other local issues passed from Bradford Council to a group of locally-elected councillors.

The 16-strong town council would be funded by a precept added to the council tax bill. It would have the power to comment on local planning applications and make decisions about how money should be spent on local services.

Campaigner Peter Jackson, of Churches Together in Baildon, the group working to put the idea forward to residents, presented the proposal at a neighbourhood forum meeting.

He said: "A town council in Baildon would enable decisions to be made at a local level and increase the interest in local issues. It would allow for the feelings and wishes of local inhabitants to be the primary consideration."

A petition is to be mounted in June and campaigners will be collecting signatures in the village outside shops and churches.

Mr Jackson said: "At this stage we need to see if people want a town council in Baildon. For the application to go ahead ten per cent of the Baildon population needs to sign the petition, which equates to 1,600 signatures.

"The petition could then be submitted to Bradford Council and a referendum could be held."

The precept, set by Bradford Council, was expected to be between £5 and £10 a year, but could be as high as £25.

Mr Jackson said: "We need about 24 to 30 people to volunteer to help us with the project. We want it to be as truly representative of the area as possible."

To get involved or for further information call (01274) 596532.