Former Keighley headmaster Arthur Watthey has died, aged 84.

Mr Watthey was appointed head of the former Keighley Boys' Grammar School in 1958, and during his time there oversaw dramatic changes.

A fire caused extensive damage in 1962, following which he had to plan for a new school and later a move to Oakbank.

He also oversaw a changeover to a co-educational system.

He left Oakbank in 1970 to take up the headship at Guthlaxton Grammar School, in Wigston, Leicestershire. He retired in 1981.

While in Keighley, Mr Watthey was actively involved with several organisations, including the town's rotary and civic luncheon clubs. He was also a lay reader in the Church of England and preached regularly.

Born in Nottingham in 1920, he was educated in the city and later at St Catharine's College, Cambridge.

He was senior French master at Mundella School, in Nottingham, before taking up his Keighley appointment.

Following his retirement from teaching, Mr Watthey took Holy Orders and became ordained shortly afterwards

He acted as a 'mobile vicar' - preaching at churches in the Great Glen area, south of Leicester - until 2002, when he was unable to continue due to ill health. Mr Watthey leaves two sons, two grandsons and two great grand-daughters.

His wife, Grace, died suddenly on Christmas Eve, 2000.