Vandals have wreaked thousands of pounds worth of damage on a local beauty spot near Calverley.

Volunteer conservationists who look after Woodall Park and its lake are now waging war on the yobs they say are trying to destroy the wooded area.

In an attack last weekend, an information board was targeted by a gang of youths.

The gang was overheard and disturbed by people living nearby.

The park on Woodall Lane has been plagued by acts of vandalism since the summer.

In the past few months, a platform next to the lake for disabled fishers was set on fire, wooden signs have been hacked down and wildlife killed. On one occasion ducklings were found strung on wire, said Christine Glover, who is a member of the Friends of Woodall group.

"Wrecking our information board, which has only been up two weeks, is the last straw.

"We've had enough of vandals. They have nothing to gain from doing all this, they are just being destructive.

"We want to encourage anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious to report it straight away.

"This is a beautiful place that people should be able to come and enjoy. We want to make sure we can keep it that way and protect it from mindless vandals," she said.

Woodall Park was once owned by local benefactor Daniel Peckover, a worsted spinning manufacturer and founder member of the Bradford Old Bank.

When the textile industry suffered a slump in the 1840s, instead of seeing his workers abandoned with no work to do, Peckover gave them a job

creating the park and lake

at Woodall.

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said the Council was taking the vandalism problem seriously.

She said: "It is especially upsetting when so much work and investment has gone into transforming Woodall Park to open up the facilities for wider use.

"Like all city parks, Woodall Park is covered by ParksWatch, a high-visibility patrol service, which covers public spaces."

A ParksWatch officer can also be contacted by telephoning (0113) 232 9973.

Pudsey police also want to hear about any incidents spotted at Woodall Park and can be contacted on (0113) 2414859.