Drighlington have resigned from the Bradford League.

The Second Division club, who have been struggling throughout the close season to hang on to their players, have sent a letter to the league informing them of their decision.

The League management committee meets next Tuesday when it will discuss the letter.

League secretary Bob Shackleton said: "It means that all clubs in the Second Division will now have two open dates, if the letter is accepted.

"I am extremely disappointed to be possibly losing another club."

Drighlington's cricket secretary Donald Gamble said: "We had no choice but to resign. They all walked out six weeks before the start of the season, which is absolutely appalling.

"Four players went to Buttershaw, five to Morley and one to Clayton.

"They never even let me know they were going to go.

"Some of them were in negotiations with other clubs before Christmas.

Gamble added: "The problem these days is that some of these players just want to play cricket and then go home. They don't want to put anything into the club.

"We had meetings, they had letters from me - but it didn't make any difference.

"I am disappointed - gutted really - by the players' attitudes.

"We have had some good people over the years that have got involved with this club so I am bitterly disappointed it has come to this." The playing square, believed to be owned by the local church, will be retained in case other clubs want to rent it, but it is unlikely that Drighlington will be applying for entry into any other leagues in the foreseeable future.

"We are not quite sure who owns what," admitted Gamble. "But the square will be kept for cricket use."

Drighlington joined the Bradford League in 1982 after spending the previous 89 in the Central Yorkshire League.