Stuart Fielden wants to be the Bulls' 160-minute-man this Easter.

The fiery prop - who tonight makes his 200th appearance for the club - is determined to play every minute of the Easter double-headers against Leeds and St Helens and, if he doesn't, coach Brian Noble could be the man in the firing line.

"Playing 80 minutes every match is something I set my sights on," said Fielden.

"It is a pressure I put upon myself. Sometimes I end up wanting to sprint up the stairs at Odsal and drag Nobby out of the coaching box. Sometimes I don't feel like I should be brought off. Sometimes it is for tactical reasons that you can't see.

"At the end of the Hull match, when I finished on the bench, I was looking up at the box and thinking: 'If I was in there you'd be going out through that window'.

"I'm trying to keep a rein on that because we need the coach. I want to play every minute but if you are not walking the walk and talking the talk then Nobby is going to bring you off. Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue."

After a slow start to the season, Fielden finally hit top gear against Hull, putting in a commanding 79-minute man-of-the-match display. That extra game-time should stand him in good stead for another full-on effort tonight and again on Monday.

"It takes a couple of games and then you are into it, you can play 80 minutes every week. The first few you need to get the heart monitor out. Now the body is feeling great. Hull was almost my first full 80-minute game of the season. I've not been deserving a longer run because I've been playing poorly but I've been needing it to kick-start me. I've said I feel better and play better when I am playing longer stints."

The undefeated Rhinos come to Odsal tonight clear favourites after winning four of the last five meetings between the clubs.

The way the ruthless Rhinos have crushed their opponents so far this season has been awesome to behold, admits Fielden.

"We rate them very highly. I watch them on TV - if I turned up at Headingley I'd get stoned - and they are a great team. They are full of confidence, reminiscent of Bradford at the start of Super League. Every week they are hammering teams. They are setting the benchmark.

"Tonight is about two points but also about building confidence. We need to be able to play these big teams and stay composed and hold onto the ball. So far this season we have needed Velcro gloves and a net to do that.

"But there is a lot of improvement to come from us."