A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save Rawdon Littlemoor School from being demolished. The school is on schedule to move into new, purpose-built premises at New Road Side after the Easter holidays. But what will happen to the old Victorian buildings in Harrogate Road?

As an unlisted building, there is nothing to stop the old school from being demolished to make way for, no doubt, dozens of new apartments and houses to cater for the masses wanting to live as close as possible to Leeds. Owner, Leeds City Council will be under an obligation to raise the most amount possible from the sale of the school - so, better to level the buildings then and hand over a nice, clean building site.

Attempts to have the building listed have so far failed, but there is no shortage of developers ready to snap up similar buildings and turn them into very attractive apartments. Otley's All Saints Junior School is in the process of being turned into flats and very nice they look too.

The Victorians built their public buildings as monuments to the communities, with much detail and thickness of wall - if Littlemoor School can be saved in one way or another, it would surely be of benefit to the area - and perhaps more so than a utilitarian and unimaginative block of flats.

So often, new apartment blocks appear to have come straight out of a bog-standard design book - they lack imagination, insight and are as far removed from exciting as a prison camp or toilet block. So if we have to stick to Victorian design, so be it. At least the Victorians took chances from time to time.

FOR more than a month four families in Rawdon have suffered a major water leak. For many reasons, the water leak persisted with no-one ready to accept blame.

At long last, the leak has been identified, blame apportioned and the hole mended - but not before two gardens at least have been turned into veritable quagmires.

One family in particular, with two young children, has suffered tremendously - one can only hope we have a few dry months and their garden dries up in time for the summer.