Canoeists are seeking new adult members to help their ambitious youngsters make it as Olympians.

Bradford and Bingley Canoe Club, based on the River Aire at Wagon Lane, Bingley, is to hold a series of beginners courses aimed at adults in June.

Already on the Olympic trail are kayakers Beth Latham, 16, of Cononley and 15-year-old Richard Booth, who attends Bingley Grammar School.

Beth was European silver medalist last year in the under-23 European canoe slalom championships and has won a place on SportsAid 16 for 2016, which means she is in line to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Olympics.

Richard is ranked tenth under-16 in the UK and is equal 30th among the senior men.

Club chairman and English teacher Wendy Robinson, of Nab Wood, said the two youngsters had fantastic potential but the club needed more adult members to help mentor the younger novices.

“We’re a diverse club and like a good cross-section of ages. Adults can help look after and bring on the youngsters.

“If people want to see what the club is all about, they should come along to a slalom race we are holding on the weekend of May 15 and 16.

“It’s a good way of introducing people to the sport, which is exciting and competative.

“We have coaching available, its in a controlled and safe environment and we help with members’ personal development.”

She said a bonus with the sport is that it offers access to the river environment and its wildlife.

“Many years ago when I started using the river, it was a nasty place, but it’s now very clean and we are super confident about using it.

“Members have seen otters and there are kingfishers, and we often see pike lurking in the shallows. It’s a wonderful location.”

Miss Robinson, 47, who has been canoeing for the last ten years after a break from the sport which she started as a teenager, said the clubhouse had been completed three years ago with cash help from Sport England.

The club, which was founded in 1970 by members of St Bedes School, Bradford, is linked to Bingley Sports Club and uses a quarter-mile stretch of the river.

It has a fleet of canoes and kayaks which are used by members and there are vessels and personal safety equipment which beginners can access.

The club has about 60 members and the annual membership fee is £50 for adults and £25 for juniors.