Contributed by Kathleen Parker, formerly of Bradford and now of Queensland, Australia


1kg boneless diced lamb (preferably Australian) 100g Ghee
2 onions peeled and sliced
4 cloves crushed garlic
15g chopped fresh ginger
1 piece bruised lemon grass
5ml fish sauce
5g salt
30g coriander powder
20g cumin powder
5g chilli powder
20g turmeric
4 cloves
4 pods cardamom
750g chopped tomato
bunch chopped fresh coriander


Fry the onions, ginger and garlic in the ghee until lightly browned.

Add the lamb and spices and cook until the lamb is brown.

Add the remaining ingredients except for the fresh coriander.

Simmer until the lamb is tender.

Finally mix in the fresh coriander just before serving. Serve with plain boiled rice and natural yoghurt.