Shipley MP Philip Davies has been included on a poster campaign featuring six MPs who are accused of “failing our democracy”.

Campaign group Power2010 claims Mr Davies is blocking democratic reform and attacking civil liberties.

The group ran a campaign from September to November last year asking the public to identify five key reforms to change the way we do politics in Britain.

More than 4,500 submissions were made and 100,000 people voted and came up with this ‘wish list’: l Introduce a proportionate voting system l Scrap ID cards and roll back the database state l Replace the House of Lords with an elected chamber l Allow only English MPs to vote on English laws l Draw up a written constitution Now, the group has started a “wanted” poster campaign which includes a picture of Mr Davies.

But last night the MP criticised the poster saying the group must make clear his views on each of the given subjects to ensure the information was not misleading.

He said: “On proportionate voting I am totally against that as are many Tory and Labour MPs. I am in favour of keeping the Lords as it is, as are most MPs and I do not believe in a written constitution.

“However, I am totally opposed to ID cards and people would struggle to find an MP who is more against it than I am.

“There are two issues here with the ID cards and the database set. I am in favour of a DNA database but that is not the same as an ID card.

“I fiercely believe only English MPs should vote on English laws. I am not ashamed of my views and I am always happy to tell my constituents and anyone who wants to know what I think of any subject.

“It is misleading not to put on the poster which issues I am for or against. They should make it clear and honest. If they contacted me I could tell them more issues, including crime and immigration and I would be happy for them to include all my thoughts on any poster for my benefit.

“I have no complaints about them including things that are correct, but they must be clear on my views on ID cards and English voting.”

Despite choosing six MPs for its campaign the group claims there are “many like them”.

The group’s website says: “The MPs were among the many names suggested by Power2010 supporters, and all stand accused of blocking democratic reform or supporting attack on civil liberties. We will be launching concerted campaigns in each of their constituencies to draw attention to their records.