A young entrepreneur is hoping for the sweet taste of success after investing in a 1950s-style ice cream parlour which opens on Friday.

The creation of Scoops in Bingley Road, Saltaire, has been welcomed by ward Councillor Kevin Warnes (Green, Shipley) who said it has come at the right time as the Council moves forward with improvements to the World Heritage model village.

A consultation is underway into plans to cut congestion at Saltaire roundabout and the Council’s £4.5 million refurbishment of Roberts Park is set to be completed in May.

Coun Warnes said: “My two daughters have been waiting for Scoops to open for ages, it’s terrific news that people are seeing an investment opportunity in Saltaire.

“It is an extra venue for people to enjoy one of the best high streets in the district.

“It’s good timing with the Saltaire roundabout proposals, and the Roberts Park improvements. And the three local councillors like ice cream!”

Six new jobs have been created at Scoops, which is sited in a unit which has been empty for more than a year. It has a retro feel, with red cushioned seating booths and American car mural on the wall, but it is kitted out with all mod cons, supplied mostly by locals businesses.

Owner Suki Hill, 20, of Riddlesden, said: “We are trying to keep it local as much as we can. I was looking for quality and for something a little bit different to everybody else.

“The idea came when we were in a restaurant and we saw a lot of girls were going straight to buy desserts.

“We thought there’s a huge gap in the market here.”

Miss Hill added: “I hope it goes really well and as someone so young I hope people will be inspired to follow their dreams like I have done. I have always wanted to own a shop and it has come true for me.”