Plans for a new railway station at Apperley Bridge have been approved by Bradford Council.

Subject to final approval by the Government, the station will be built to the south of Little Park.

The regulatory and appeals committee approved the plans after a visit to the site today.

Committee chairman Councillor Michael Ellis said: “At the end of the day I can only concur with colleagues that officers have come up with the best solution.”

Bradford Councillor Chris Greaves, who is deputy chairman of transport group Metro, said: “I am very pleased that it’s gone through.

“I have been getting any number of complaints from people who cannot get into Leeds because of the dreadful queues on the A65 and the Shipley to Leeds road. When this is up and running it will give a viable alternative and take a lot of cars off the road.”

The plans, which include a 300-space car park with an access road to the south and south west of Little Park, have provoked opposition from residents who believe a more suitable alternative site could be found to the north of the proposed station.

Keith Miller, of the Apperley Bridge Station Action Group, said: “We are obviously very disappointed. I came away from (the meeting) still feeling they hadn’t addressed any of the points we put forward. We are trying to continue the fight.”

Objections to the plans were also raised at the meeting by Councillor David Ward (Lib Dem, Idle and Thackley) and a spokesman for Bradford North MP Terry Rooney.

The planning permission will be subject to conditions including the provision of parking permits for residents of Little Park.

Government approval is needed because the car park will be in the green belt and is a departure from the Unitary Development Plan.