Bradford City’s joint-chairman, Mark Lawn, today revealed he considered pulling out of the club after his car was attacked by fans.

The aerial on his Bentley was snapped off and the side panels kicked as he tried to leave the car park at Accrington where the team lost last week.

Mr Lawn will ban the culprits from Valley Parade for life if he can identify them.

But he admits the incident left him shaken – and seriously questioning his involvement at the club.

Mr Lawn said: “The general abuse shocked me and I won’t stand for it. It’s more than out of order. I talked to Julian (Rhodes) the following day and said that I felt like taking the loan back. Then Bradford City would be in administration – it’s as simple as that.

“We have all these wonderful fans but there are always some who want me out. But what would they do then?

“If I took my £1 million loan back, what do they think is going to happen to the football club?

“Never mind my share investment capital, without that loan the club would not exist.”

Mr Lawn had arrived late at the Crown Ground because he was looking at houses for new boss Peter Taylor. He was parked in a spot blocking other cars and was therefore asked to leave five minutes early.

But as he moved off, he was targeted by a group of angry City supporters.

He added: “One of them broke the aerial and another was kicking the side of the car. Then one started smashing on the window and screaming abuse at me.

“They were obviously frustrated and I will never stop any fan from voicing their opinion. But do it in a sensible and adult manner.

“I’m a fan like them and I’ve two million more reasons to be frustrated. But I don’t go round kicking cars – what is the thought process of these people?

“If the louts who did this don’t come to me and explain their actions then I will ban them from the club. And they will be banned for life.

“I also intend to prosecute for criminal damage. I won’t stand for this sort of behaviour.”

Mr Lawn, currently away for a few days, said he was quite happy to meet disgruntled supporters at the club and discuss any issues they have.

He said: “We have a procedure in place. If they write a letter to me I will ask if they want to come in and talk personally.

“Then they will be given a copy of the report from that meeting and what we have agreed to. I’ve had two fans who have done that recently.

“I’m not bothered if people don’t like me. But I won’t put up with the thuggish behaviour I suffered last week.

“I’ve calmed down since but I’m still very angry. I won’t take abusing me, my family or my car. What are they hoping to achieve by trying to drive me out?

“It took Julian two and a half years to coax me into the club and I’m claret and amber when you cut me in half.

“If they think there’s anybody else out there willing to put money in, they’ve got a long wait.”