A Bradford tax expert has warned higher-earning professionals to ensure their financial affairs are in order ready for a crackdown on medical staff by tax officials.

John Kinsella, tax partner at Watson Buckle accountants, said targeting a specific profession marked a new departure for the tax authorities. He warned that Revenue and Customs was unlikely to stop its search for tax avoidance at one sector.

Under the Tax Health Plan, tax officials are targeting high-earning professionals such as GPs and hospital consultants who it believes may not have declared fees for private consultation work, and is approaching private hospitals and medical insurers to gain more information on what payments have been made.

Mr Kinsella said those with outstanding liabilities would be required to pay the tax due, any gains arising on their unpaid tax, interest and, in most cases, a fixed ten per cent penalty.

He said for anyone who has not declared earnings in the past, it is better to do so now.