Bradford people are being asked to open their homes to destitute asylum seekers who have nowhere else to turn.

The Beacon Hosting Project looks after people who have fled their home countries and have been refused refugee status.

The organisation is now having to turn people away because it does not have enough resources.

The project has provided accommodation for 15 asylum seekers since it was set up just over a year ago.

The Reverend Chris Low, 61, and her husband John, 63, of Otley Road, Eldwick, Bingley, have acted as a host couple to a young West African male asylum seeker since June last year.

Mr Low said: “Anything helps, even if it is just for a couple of weeks. There is obviously a psychological reward in helping a person in need.”

Mr Low said refused asylum seekers were often left with no support.

He said: “Effectively they are on the streets.

“They have nothing and I don’t think that people understand that.

“They really need the support of groups like Beacon. We feel they are very hard done by and that’s why we are doing it.”

The asylum seekers who come to the project are often professionals, including lawyers or medical staff, who have had to flee their home countries due to their religious or political beliefs.

Beacon hosting co-ordinator Will Sutcliffe said the group “badly needs” households able to offer a spare room, especially to a single man, and that he had had to turn ten people away in the last month alone.

He said: “Contrary to some media messages, those who host speak of the joy and privilege of having people with such rich and diverse life experiences living amongst them.

“Current hosts are single working adults, a student household, a retired couple, a retired single woman, a gathered household of young people and a young professional family.”

Beacon can pay a small contribution towards hosts’ and guests’ expenses.

Anyone who wants to find out more is asked to phone Mr Sutcliffe on (01274) 727525.