A police chief has praised a quick-thinking Police Community Support Officer who helped to save a man after he suffered a potentially life-threatening diabetic attack.

Rachel Doyle, who has worked as a PCSO for two years, braved thick snow in Bingley to help revive the man whom she had found collapsed on the pavement.

She was with colleagues PCSO Dan Cole and PC Mark Somerville when four Bingley residents alerted her to a man who had collapsed in Myrtle Court.

Realising his condition was deteriorating rapidly, the PCSO rushed to two chemists in Bingley town centre for life-saving treatment.

If he had not been treated at the scene so quickly he could have become seriously ill, particularly because of the sub zero temperatures in Bingley, a police spokesman said.

Chief Inspector Steve Thomas, of Airedale and North Bradford Police, today praised PCSO Doyle’s “tenacity and dedication” in her actions.

He said: “The tenacious actions of PCSO Doyle and her colleagues do real credit to them.

“Our primary role as a police service is to preserve life and their dedication in trying to aid this man is a real example of the kinds of lengths which officers will go to and of the value of our PCSOs to serve their communities.”

The man, who has not been named, collapsed at noon on Thursday. PCSO Doyle answered the man’s mobile phone when his wife rang and confirmed he was diabetic.

Leaving the man in the care of her colleagues, PCSO Doyle ran to the two chemists for a glucose injection for the victim.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics until he recovered.

PCSO Doyle said: “My first thought was that he was drunk but then we saw blood coming from his mouth.

“He couldn’t talk as well and it was then I remembered from training school that people who have diabetes can sometimes look as if they are drunk.

“It was lucky his wife phoned so quickly and was able to tell us what was wrong.

“This is the first time I’ve ever come across anything like this."