A company behind proposals for a 400ft wind turbine has appealed against its rejection by planners.

In May objectors to the £2 million turbine at Princes Soft Drinks, in Weaverthorpe Road, Tong, Bradford, were celebrating after Brad-ford Council refused the bid.

The plan was turned down because of concerns over the level of noise it would generate.

But now Princes has submitted an appeal which will be determined by the Planning Inspectorate.

Councillor James Cairns (Tong, Labour) said: “We were always expecting them to appeal and we think that the residents will be writing in to make their objections clear.

“The Council has done its best. Its officers didn’t believe it was feasible in the area.

“Bradford is not against wind turbines – if you go up onto the moors, you will see them. But turbines of this size have not been tried and tested in urban areas.

“Just before this went in, there was a wind turbine where the blade came off. This one would be in a built-up area and it would cause mayhem if the same thing happened.

“The appeal will take some time, as they will have to appoint a Government inspector.”

More than 1,800 letters of objection along with two petitions were handed in to the Council as feelings ran high among those living close to the factory. The idea for the turbine was first mooted in 2006, but a 12-month delay occurred while a bat and bird survey was completed.

Princes’ plan was for a 2.3 megawatt turbine, which would be the tallest in the area. The firm said the turbine would reduce its energy costs by about 20 per cent.

A spokesman for Princes said the company did not want to comment at this stage.