The truth is out there… but the aliens are here in Yorkshire, according to a new survey.

A not-quite top secret report says the White Rose county is a hot-spot for UFOs and alien visitations.

It is all revealed in the work of paranormal researcher Lionel Fanthorpe, 74, from Cardiff.

The study provides a breakdown of Britain’s spookiest places and focuses upon unexplained incidents reported to the police and leading paranormal organisations since the 1980s.

UFOs have been the most widely reported case of paranormal activity with 109 reports made across the UK.

The study reveals some areas are more prone to supernatural activity than others, with Yorkshire being the most likely place you will see a UFO and Kent the most likely place you will come in contact with paranormal beings such as phantoms and poltergeists.

The news will come as no surprise to local investigators… West Yorkshire and the Bradford district has produced many alleged UFO sightings, and one Bradford man, Russ Kellett, has devoted his life to investigation of the phenomenon.

Russ has a website – – and details on it his own brushes with the paranormal.

He has been instrumental in organising a conference in Scarborough on October 29 and 30, when ufologists will gather to discuss the latest sightings.

Russ, vice chairman of the British Flying Saucer Bureau, said: “The Ministry of Defence has said they have had had three times as many reports this year as they usually get. We can verify that. We have had 60 reports from around North Yorkshire – but that doesn’t beat February 2 1998 in Bradford when we had 80 reports about one sighting.”

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