Elderly residents of a Baildon care home are spreading the word about “grow your own” food after spending more than five months cultivating their own vegetable patch.

Donald Summerscales, an 87-year-old resident of the Borrins nursing home in Station Road, set up the gardening project in March, to provide the care home’s chef with fresh produce straight from the garden.

This year residents, some who are in their 90s, have helped out by planting seeds, tending and watering the plants.

They have now seen their labours bear fruit with tomatoes, cauliflowers, peas, potatoes and carrots springing up in the garden.

Sunflowers and marigolds have also been planted to brighten up the area for fellow residents.

Josie Stocking, activity co-ordinator for the Borrins, said: “We have given lettuces to families who have visited and also our chef has been using some of the vegetables as well.

“The residents have had the pleasure of the flowers and they’ve all said it’s been very enjoyable.”