An MP has revealed what hundreds of 18-year-olds in his constituency really think about the issues of the day.

Shipley MP Philip Davies sends a birthday card out to his constituents when they turn 18, along with a questionnaire covering a range of issues.

Data from hundreds of young people has revealed their biggest worries were education and student loans, followed by crime and punishment, and the price of living with student debt in the future.

Most polled wanted more enforcement of the law and an increase in education grants relative to living costs.

Mr Davies said: “I think we are all concerned about young people not voting in elections and not getting involved in the political process so I am anxious to do something about it.

“It is important to engage with young people who may feel excluded from the political process, we need to know about what they think and feel.

“You cannot make sweeping statements.

“I was quite surprised by some of the responses I got and it goes to show there are no stereotypes of young people.

“They have differing opinions on varying issues as do older people.”

Half of the 200 or so responders believe the Labour party and the Conservatives are very similar and two-thirds are in favour of identity cards.

Almost three-quarters of the teenagers do not want cannabis decriminalised and eight out of ten think more needs to be done to rehabilitate criminals.