Companies could be banned from having targets for employing specific genders or ethnic minorities under a law being pushed forward by Shipley MP Philip Davies.

Under the Equality and Diversity (Reform) Bill there would be a ban on quotas and targets for specific groups of people in the work force, and it would repeal the law which allows all women shortlists.

Mr Davies was one of 20 MPs who won the right to introduce a piece of legislation in the Commons.

He has now written his proposed Bill which has been published in Parliament, ready to be heard in October.

The Bill would stop employers or any body specifying on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, disability, religion or socio-economic status.

Mr Davies (above) said: “I want to make it unlawful for any organisation to promote or engage in this. People should get jobs on merit.

“I think the public are sick of political correctness and sick of jobs being given based on colour of skin or gender.

“Someone should be given a job if they can do it – their gender, race or religion is irrelevant to that.”