A Bradford MP who opposed the Iraq war is heading up a Commons campaign to ensure full details of the inquiry are made public.

Marsha Singh has tabled a Commons petition which said the Government must ensure transparency, allowing full details to be heard in the open unless they impact on national security.

The Bradford West MP said: “There should be an inquiry so people can see exactly what decisions were taken and when.

“We need to know how we got the weapons of mass destruction element so wrong. Those responsible for making the decisions to take us to war should be publicly held accountable for their action and give evidence into what motivated the decision.

“I am reassured slightly that the Prime Minister said it would be in public unless it impacted on national security.”

Last week Gordon Brown said the inquiry would be held in private – but later said some sessions could be in public. He said he wanted the inquiry to have “all the evidence that is necessary” including confidential material.