Walking over hot coals is nothing compared to the emotional pain Colin Nesbitt has endured over the past few years.

He and fellow fundraisers took part in the firewalk event that his charity, Little Heroes, recently organised at the Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel in Baildon for a cause they’re extremely passionate about – one that brings smiles to youngsters suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

“A few people said they got a lot out of it. They think it brought out a lot of fears they faced, but I’ve faced most of mine,” says Bingley businessman Colin.

Firewalking is an ancient ritual developed over the past three decades as a motivational technique and corporate team-building exercise.

Before the walk, Colin and his colleagues were guided through a coaching session by Yorkshire firewalking instructor, Lisa Clifford. In preparation they broke wooden arrows in their neck through conviction and self-belief.

But the real impetus was the £5,000 they raised to carry on the valuable work Little Heroes has been doing since Colin and his friend, Bradford recruitment boss Billy Bingham, set the charity up last year.

Their launch pad was a gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Bradford, which raised £10,000 and was attended by sporting personalities, some of whom have come on board as patrons, including Bradford Bulls star Sam Burgess.

Colin still can’t comprehend how successful the charity has become in such a short time. Its rapid growth has fuelled his ambition to raise more to achieve more.

His next goal is to set up a survivors centre in Bradford, a place where youngsters like Reece Randall, the little boy he cares for, can go and be with children in similar situations; a place where families can spend precious time together away from hospital wards.

Colin acknowledges that he needs support to make his dream become reality, but he’s determined.

Spending long spells in hospital by Reece’s bedside as his body was pumped with medication to control the rare form of cancer he suffers from, Colin became agonisingly aware of the needs of young people in similar circumstances.

Since Reece was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with Philadelphia Chromosome shortly before his second birthday, their life has been a rollercoaster of heartbreak and emotion.

On rare trips home, Reece was confined indoors to protect him from viruses and infections which could attack his immune system which is already depleted by cancer-treating drugs.

He has come to terms with the fact that Reece is suffering from a life-limiting illness, but he’s determined to ensure that Reece enjoys the ‘normal’ things children of his age take for granted.

Tests carried out following Reece’s 16 months of treatment including chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant, revealed the leukaemia has stopped producing cancer cells, enabling him to have a break from his medication. But Colin knows there’s an increased risk of secondary cancer.

Now his condition has stabilised, Reece can start to catch up on the life he has so far missed out on. “I was over the moon because I can now have some ‘normal’ time with him,” says Colin.

“We can go out for a day and go anywhere. We couldn’t do that before because we couldn’t plan too far ahead.”

He longs to take Reece on holiday. The pair deserve a break. “He’s never seen the sea, so I want to save up and take him on holiday,” says Colin, who gave up his job to be Reece’s full-time carer.

He recently treated him to a yellow electric trike. “The hardest part now is keeping him in! He always wants to be outside, which is normal.”

Little Heroes are planning a series of fundraising events including another firewalk next month at the Marriott Hollins Hall. The hotel, and Gordons Solicitors, have chosen Little Heroes as their charity this year.

Bradford’s new Lord Mayor, Coun John Godward, is also supporting the charity in his Lord Mayor’s appeal.

On May 30, Little Heroes is hoping to break plenty of world records for eating and drinking at Tokyo’s Nightclub in Bradford.

The charity’s supporter Peter Dowdeswell – the holder of 309 world eating and drinking records including downing a pint of beer upside down in six seconds and demolishing fish and chips in five minutes and 42 seconds – is expected at the event which runs from 3pm until 10pm.

Anyone wishing to help break a record and support Little Heroes in the process should contact the charity on (01274) 288188. The charity is based at the Gumption Centre, Glyde House, Glydegate, Bradford.